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Life Groups

Life Groups focus more on building relationships than on a curriculum. LGs engage in deep relationships, prayer and learning. Being together and investing in each other is a life-shaping call – LGs give us a unique opportunity to step into that calling. If you have been considering being a part of a Life Group, I strongly encourage you to take the step of signing up. It's only ten weeks that you are committing to at this point. On a regular basis, I am reminded by people just how valuable the experience has been in deepening relationships and strengthening faith.  

If you have questions or would like my recommendation for which group might best suit your needs, please feel free to email or call me (Pastor Paul) at 332-2648.


Please indicate which Life Group you would like to attend, and fill in your contact information below. The Life Group leader will contact you with the specific address and directions to the group's meeting place.


I/We would like to attend:(**indicates that child care is available)

Pankratz Group Sunday @ 6:30pm**, open for Married Couples
Friez & Heckel, Sunday @ 6:30pm**, Open to anyone
Toby A & Michael V, Monday @ 7pm, Open for men
Luann Reynolds, Wednesday @ 9am, Open for women
Smith, Wednesday @ 6:30pm**, Open to anyone
Dave & Steph Cone, Wednesday @ 6:30pm**, Open to NEW Lifegroup attenders
Dyer, Wednesday @ 6:30pm, Open for parents of middle schoolers
Donovan & Kristina Pieschke, Thursday @ 6:30pm**, Open to married couples
Bagherpour Group, Thursday @ 7pm, Open to anyone
Marlene Slothouber, Thursday @ 7pm, Open for women
First and Last Name of those attending *
First Name
Last Name
Email Address*
If you will utilize child care, please indicate the name and age of each child below (available at Pankratz, Friez/Heckel, Smith, Cone & Pieschke Groups)