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Life Groups

Life Groups are a great way to connect and grow at Oak Hills. They provide a weekly opportunity to get to know people, encourage one another, serve together, pray for one another, and enjoy life together.  Life groups will be starting up during the month of September, and most will break for the holidays.  If you have questions about a group, please email me (David Cone).


Please indicate which Life Group you would like to attend, and fill in your contact information below. The Life Group leader will contact you with the specific address and directions to the group's meeting place.


I/We would like to attend:(**indicates that child care is available)

Michael Van Driesen, Monday @ 7pm, For Men
Luann Reynolds, Wednesday @ 9am, Women's Group
David & Steph Cone, Wednesday @ 6:00pm, For Kid's Night Volunteers
Matt & Yvonne Smith, Wednesday @ 6:30pm**, Open to anyone
Greg & Dana Dyer, Wednesday @ 6:30pm, For MS & HS Parents
Jeremy & Sarah Yoder, Wednesday @ 6:30pm, For MS Parents
Donovon & Kristina Pieschke, Thursday @ 6:30pm**, For Married Couples
Dallas Harder-Heinz, Thursday @ 6:30pm, For Young Adults
Safi & Dawn Bagherpour, Thursday @ 7pm, Open to anyone
Heidi Terveen, Thursday @ 7pm, For Women
Sarah Yoder, TBD based on interest, For Anyone - Vantage Point 3 - $ cost for materials
First and Last Name of those attending *
First Name
Last Name
Email Address*
If you will utilize child care, please indicate the name and age of each child below (available at Smith & Pieschke Groups)