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This Week at Oak Hills 


Monday - Thursday, July 16 - 19
9:00- 11:30am       VBS 

Thursday, July 19
7:00pm      Worship Team Practice
8:00pm      Middle School Thunder Road

Saturday, July 21
1:30-3:30pm      Cherub's Closet Diaper Distribution

Sunday, July 22
9:00 am       Prayer Gathering
9:30 am       Worship in the Sanctuary   •   Nursery   •   Sunday School for Kids, Youth & Adults (Sunday Forums)
11:00 am      Worship in the Sanctuary   •   Nursery   •   Sunday School for 2 yrs. thru preschool


Weekly Announcements

X GAMES 2.0 – mark your calendar…

Sunday, September 9th @ 5pm -
Potluck BBQ, X GAMES (six teams – hexagon!),
Inflatables, Music, Dessert…bring a friend!

Middle School Thunder Road
If you're a middle school student or parent and unlimited go-kart rides, laser tag, and trampoline bungee jumping sound like a fun time to you then bring $20 on July 19th from 8-10pm to Thunder Road! Your $20 will get you an unlimited wristband for all rides and activities, as well as some ice cream while you're there. Invite a friend - can’t wait to see you!

Summer Forum: Seeing and Hearing Jesus
In a more concentrated way than the other Gospels, Mark shows us Jesus in action and portrays the people’s amazement. Along the way, Jesus presses his followers to turn that amazement into deeper understanding. He asks his closest disciples, “Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?” What does Mark want us to see and hear as we observe Jesus? In this summer’s Sunday Forum we will pursue that question as we read Mark 1–8 together. Led by Dr. John Hiigel; June 3 - August 25 in Room 200.