ADULT Ministries


Central to the mission of Oak Hills is discipleship. We define it as an active pursuit of growing in Christ-likeness.

We want to encourage everyone at Oak Hills to continue to grow, but HOW?

In 2018, we introduced our Discipleship Pathway in hopes that it would help people take the next step in their relationship with Christ and see it more as a life-long pursuit and not a class or Bible study. Below are short descriptions of various options on the path of growth.

discipleship groups

Currently, we have three different kinds of small groups (discipleship groups).

Connection Groups:

This kind of group is designed to help people connect with others, get a feel for the church, and engage Scripture. The commitment is only 8 weeks, and they are offered at various times throughout the year.

Journey Groups:

Members of a Journey Group commit to meeting together for 2 years, with roughly 11 meetings per semester. Together, they support one another in developing the knowledge and practices necessary to make disciples who make disciples. These groups are a great fit for anyone seeking to dive deeper into a life of discipleship or looking to become a more effective discipler of others.

Life Groups:

These groups take many shapes and vary in duration and content. Each semester we publish a full list and allow people to join.

PRIME (55+)

PRIME is a group of fun-loving Jesus followers who just happen to be 55 years and older. We gather about once per month for a wide variety of social activities - a meal out, a scavenger hunt, a rousing game of Bingo or a night of music with the band- we never miss a chance to laugh and build lasting memories with each other.