Bible reading plans

One of the best ways to deepen your relationship with God is to read and meditate on His Word (the Bible). Most people struggle to make Bible reading and prayer a regular part of their lives, yet the benefits are life-changing – truly they are!

Many people benefit from having a physical list in their Bible or near their device to make it simple and clear. We have created four kinds of reading plans to help you make Bible reading regular and meaningful. Choose a plan that you can achieve – start small – then build as you are led.

This year we are taking a totally different approach to our reading plan. We are shifting to shorter daily passages, yet encouraging more meditation and absorption. We are so excited and we think you will enjoy the format. It will allow you to jump around and find passages of interest and also reinforce the core doctrines of our faith. The whole year’s reading is on one sheet of paper, front and back. It is a combination of topics and syncs throughout the year with the sermon schedule

Contact Pastor Jim if you have any questions at all in regard to Bible reading and making it meaningful.