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Dear Parents,
Being a parent is one of the greatest blessing that God has given to you. This precious gift is apart of you and God has given you the incredible role as a parent to guide your students and to teach them how to follow Jesus. Even though there is an abundance of joy that comes with being a parent, there are also many obstacles and challenges that will be put in your path as you try to navigate your student through this life. I want you to know that in our student ministry our youth staff desires to come alongside you and help develop the growth of your child.


First, we welcome your PRESENCE.  Our Student Ministries maintains an “open door” policy toward parents. You are welcome to visit one of our programs at any time. We want you to see for yourself what your student is experiencing week to week.


Second, we value your INPUT.  Feel free to share your input, concerns, questions, comments, and observations with our staff. We want to partner with you in any way we can.


Third, we encourage your INVOLVEMENT. We are ALWAYS on the lookout for parents who have a special place in their heart for students and are open to joining our Youth Staff.  The Youth Staff helps run events, lead life groups, organize snacks and ministry opportunities, and more.


Student Ministries meets each Wednesday during the school year:
Middle school youth group 6:30-7:45pm
High School youth group 8:00-9:20pm

We don’t usually meet around Thanksgiving and Christmas and occasionally meet off-site.  


Student Ministries meets each Sunday during the school year:

Middle school: Youth Lounge at 9:30am
High School: Room 202 at 9:30am




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