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Events in Kids Ministries at Oak Hills are intended not only as a time for fun and fellowship with one another, but an opportunity to reach out to kids and families in hope of spreading the message of Jesus Christ. The Kids Ministries staff and volunteers are continually amazed at the manner in which kids reach out to their friends, encouraging them to come to church and disciple to them on a daily basis. We encourage you to join us not only for our regular programming, but for any of our special events.


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Sonrise Saturday

Verse filled Easter eggs dot the acres of our property as kids seek out not only the message of Christ’s death and resurrection, but also a sweet treat. We believe hands on learning provides one of the most lasting impressions. Families make their way through various hands on stations learning different aspects of the resurrection story.  A light breakfast and craft are also part of the morning.  The morning culminates with an Easter egg hunt as well as time outside (usually) enjoying the new life that comes with spring.  



Vacation Bible School (VBS)

The second full week of July from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. is Vacation Bible School at Oak Hills. Themes have varied over the years from God’s Big Backyard to a game show to backstage at a rock concert. The thing that remains the same is spreading the hope of Jesus Christ and His message of salvation to our kids. We throw in crafts, games, great music for good measure but you can bet that it is a week your kids won’t forget!!



Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is held the last Wednesday in October. We have fun activities for children such as inflatables, games, cookie decorating and much more. Kids fill the halls of the church as we come together to fellowship with one another. We encourage costumes (nothing scary) and lots of friends to join us in celebration. 




Oak Hills Kids Christmas Program

Remember the Christmas program when you were a kid? Well that is the Oak Hills Family Christmas. Held each year on the second or third Sunday evening in December (barring any weather interruptions), the program serves to remind kids and adults alike that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth and it is through His birth that we have the hope of salvation.





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