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Volunteering and Kids Ministries:

The mission statement of the Kids Ministries program at Oak Hills Baptist is 'Love God, Make Friends, Serve Others'. Doing this requires the volunteer efforts of a number of people. We can have all the programming and activities in place, but without the hands to serve, very little can be accomplished toward furthering Christ’s kingdom.

Goals of the Kids Ministries Volunteer Program:

  • The program is organized and volunteers are trained so that questions are limited and volunteers feel prepared and equipped.
  • The work is spread among people so volunteers do not feel overwhelmed or over-worked.
  • Volunteers know that their hard work is worthwhile and their efforts are appreciated.

Benefits of Serving:

  • Development of authentic friendships.
  • Building relationships with the kids of the church.
  • Worshiping Christ through serving
  • Discover/rediscover the joy & innocence of a child.
  • Flexible & accommodating schedules allow for participation in worship services, Sunday School & other aspects of ministry.
  • Kids get to see service in action through the work that is done by loving adults in their life.

Kids Ministries understands that not everyone feels they have a gift in working with children.  Furthermore, we realize that parental requests for time only increase as a child becomes older. Oak Hills' Kids Ministries is working very hard to accomplish the above goals.  It is our hope that with a little effort and training on the part of everyone, each person enjoys sharing Christ’s Love with children.


Click here for a list of Volunteer Job Descriptions.


If you are interested in volunteering in the Kids Ministries program at Oak Hills, please contact Shelly Haan.