high school

OHSM is designed to help high school students grow their faith, their character, and their relationships.
It’s about creating an atmosphere where they can belong. We encourage the students of OHBC to be involved in everything

we do from inviting, participating in a life group, and serving on a team such as our student or adult worship teams.

Furthermore, in Student Ministries we love to have FUN! Along with our mission trips to places like Guatemala, England, and Minneapolis, we also take weekend camping trips, and attend “Camp Judson” during the summer in Keystone, SD. We take weekend spiritual retreats, have off-campus life groups nights, go ice blocking at Tuthill Park, play broomball at the Scheels Ice Plex, attend “The Gathering” student conference in California, 

or go on a snowboard/ski trip during winter. 

However, the main goal in Student Ministries is to see students take a step toward owning their faith and joining God on His mission. 

Therefore, our philosophy is to have a healthy balance between seriousness and fun.

wednesday night

Wednesday nights serve as our rally point every week. We have high school students in many different schools all over the city and Wednesday nights are our time to come together for snacks, fellowship, fun, worship & preaching. Arguably, the most valuable time during our Wednesday nights will take place when we split into different age and gender specific life groups led by adults who are a part of the Student Ministry Adult Staff. Life groups are the core of what we do on Wednesday night because they not only help individual students take steps toward Jesus, but they foster a healthy environment for students to deeply examine truth, discuss hard topics/issues and develop a community of same gender/age believers. Life groups also provide students with a role model(s) and soundboard to life as this time creates space for students to feel connected, be known and heard. 

High School gathers Wednesdays from 8:00-9:20pm

and we would love to see you there!