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Oak Hills Kids Night!


Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45pm


Wednesday Nights at Oak Hills are a big night!  Kids 4 years through 5th grade are led through various stations throughout the church...starting with songs in opening celebration and transitioning through games, snacks, Bible lessons and journal time, kids grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. In addition, they are challenged in journal time to take the Biblical lessons learned and apply them to life today. Kids 4 years through 3rd grade use the Faithweaver Friends curriculum. Route 45 is specifically for our 4th and 5th grade students. Based on Psalm 25:4-5, upper elementary kids learn to search the Bible for answers and build a strong faith base from which to make good choices. 

Verse memorization is an important component of our Oak Hills Kids Night programming for all age groups.  We want our kids to know that the Bible is the living word that speaks to us today. In addition, we learn elements such as the 10 commandments, Lord’s Prayer, 23rd Psalm and the books of the Bible. We do so in a way that is engaging, non-threatening and allows kids to learn and grow at their own pace. In addition, we incorporate service projects as a means of putting faith into action. Our kids know that you are never too young to serve!